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Customer's Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the benefits of installing a new door or window in my home?

A major benefit to improving your home's doors or windows comes when you begin to save money on energy costs. Most of your home's heat transfer occurs through its doors and windows. Older windows and doors can have poorer insulating qualities than new ones due to older construction standards and years of wear and tear around the door or window seals, which leak precious pennies every day.

The second big reason for replacing doors or windows is improved resale value. Your home looks cleaner and has greater curb appeal with new doors or windows, and the energy bills will tell the tale for a prospective buyer.

Lastly, for Idaho residence who fill out the state tax form 39R... For homes that existed, were under construction, or had a permit issued before January 1 of 1976, the ENTIRE cost of purchasing your new windows or storm doors AND the installation cost is completely tax deductible.


To qualify for this deduction, your Idaho home must have existed, been under construction, or had a building permit issued on or before January 1, 1976. The insulation must be in addition to any existing insulation and can't be a replacement.

Insulation means any material commonly used in the building industry and installed to retard the passage of heat into or out of a building, such as fiberglass, rock wool, weather stripping, double-pane windows, storm doors and storm windows.

Insulated siding doesn't qualify unless the cost of the siding and the insulating material is separately stated, in which case the cost of the insulating material alone qualifies. The amount charged for labor to install the insulation is also deductible."

What can I expect the time frame to be from when I decide to replace my doors or windows to when the job is completed?

Anywhere from a few days up to a week and a half for stock doors and windows. Special orders can take two or three weeks, depending on the manufacturer. We normally don't schedule an install until we know we have the product.

How does the whole process of installing a new door or window work?

What do I look for in a new door or window?

Regardless of the brand, every door or window has an energy efficiency rating called an 'R-value'. The higher this insulating value, the greater the efficiency. With greater efficiency comes higher initial cost of the window, but the trade-off is greater energy savings in the future.

Besides the R-value, different brands offer different features to their windows, running the gamut between purely cosmetic features to function features. Different colors and handle designs are usually available. Special window coatings that reduce the amount of U-V rays from the sun can be ordered. Even windows with argon gas injected between the two glass panes to further increase the window's efficiency. The options seem to be endless, so we try to provide as much insight as we can to help you make the best choice.